Oyster HR Transform Booth

Brand Identity  |  ART DIRECTION  |  Experiential Design  |  STRATEGY

I led the design of the Oyster's booth at 2023 HR Transform conference. Our booth and showing at the conference was part of a multi-pronged launch of our new brand refresh, so it was important to let the new brand shine and stand out.

The booth was a custom build and I worked on all aspects of the experience including concepting the spatial design and visitor flow, environmental graphics, print takeaways, and art direction of the motion work displayed on the screens.

The booth had two sides and four different areas of experience, all of which were custom tailored in content and design to different audiences and goals.

The website for this project was featured on Typewolf as the Site of the Day.


  • Oyster HR


  • Lead Designer & Art Direction (motion)


  • Oyster Brand Studio: Justin Rands, Jason Yim, Stephanie Huyn, Lorin Schaecher