Experience Design

DELIVERABLES: Catalog, Kiosk Touch Screen
INSTRUCTOR: Dermot MacCormack

The Need to Believe is a fictional pop-up exhibition that explores a three-part conversation that happened between Black Lives Matter activist, Deray McKesson, and TED-famous social work researcher, Brene Brown. The series of conversations explores everything from what courage looks like today regarding race, how to be a better ally and the cultural significance of Beyonce. All three conversations were documented on social media or by recording the audio of their meetings to be broadcast on podcasts. The kiosk touch screen is intended to engage diverse communities in the conversations and invite them to participate. The kiosks would be placed in various places including museums, libraries, and community centers to facilitate dialogue around these topics that deserve attention and discussion. The exhibit catalog plays with materials such as vellums and different paper stocks creating texture to emphasize the nuance that exists in the conversations. The catalog also features extra material including transcripts and various essays related to the conversations, and it would be sold as a benefit to #blacklivesmatter and the Southern Poverty Law Center.